• GohFar


    GohFar is a Singapore based sustainability, recycling, waste & environmental consultancy
  • Focus


    To identify the challenges our clients face and provide practical solutions to maximise environmental performance and profits
  • Approach


    A nimble, responsive consultancy, based in SE Asia with extensive regional/global experience and knowledge
  • Experience


    Our senior staff have >20 years of global experience in the environmental sector with >11 years spent in SE Asia
  • Geographical Coverage

    Geographical Coverage

    We have completed projects in Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Australia, UK & Europe
  • Project History

    Project History

    Our consultants have completed projects for Government, NGO & MNC clients
  • Mission


    Utilising our experience, skills and enthusiasm, we help our clients identify & implement environmentally sustainable, cost effective solutions to enhance corporate performance and minimise EHS risks